Good Form For Walking

And you thought you knew how to walk! Check out this form for exercise walking.

1. A common mistake for beginners when trying to walk fast is lengthening the stride (overstriding). Overstriding is biomechanically inefficient and can slow you down. It will burn more calories because it is inefficient (which might be a good thing), but you may burn fewer calories overall because you don”t walk as far due to fatigue.

2. Instead of overstriding to walk faster, concentrate on a powerful push off while the front foot lands closer to the body. This is what elite walkers do.

1. Walk heel to toe and not flatfooted to increase speed.

2. Contact the ground with your heel.

3. Roll the foot forward over the center of your foot.

4. Push off with your toes.

1. Rotate your hips forward and backward as you walk.

2. Your waist should twist. Racewalkers can look funny because of the hip rotation. Restricted hip decreases your speed.

1. Keep your torso upright. Leaning forward or back will slow you down.
Arm work

1. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees.

2. Keep your hands relaxed.

3. Swing your arms forward and back and keep them close to your body. Your hands should not cross the midline of your body to maintain efficiency.

4. Speed up your arm swing to increase your speed and your legs will follow! This really works!

Head, neck, and shoulders
1. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. Head should be upright, eyes looking forward.